Welcome to the Law Offices of Michael J. Finn, S.C.

At the Law Offices of Michael J. Finn, S.C. it is our goal to provide you with timely and professional legal representation at reasonable cost. With a reputation for winning in court, the prospects for resolution without a trial are greatly enhanced. We pride ourselves upon a reputation as a problem solver.  This reputation is based upon a knowledge that if a trial to the court or a jury is necessary, Attorney Finn is an experienced, savvy and accomplished trial attorney.

We seek, whenever possible to avoid the time, expense and energy of going to court.  However, when it is necessary, Attorney Finn has over 35 years of civil and criminal trial experience in all areas of his practice.

We are also especially proud of our staff, who, with more than 30 years combined experience assisting our clients, help form what we believe to be a premier team, suited to meet all your legal needs.

We work to provide the highest quality legal representation to meet your needs in the following areas:

* Business Law
* Contract Law
* Divorce Law
* Family Law and Child Custody
* Trial work and General litigation
* Real Estate, including buyers and sellers
* Personal Injury, including automobile and motorcycle accidents